Needs Assessment

Each Country Officer conducts a needs assessment by filling out a template designed to assess the schools funding needs which is used to determine what schools are chosen for funding. The templates are reviewed by the Programs Officer who makes funding recommendation based on what she or he has received.

Planning and Implementation

When a school is chosen, the Country Officer in the respective country works with the school to come up with a plan on how the funds are distributed, what steps will be taken and how long the process of school improvements will take. The Country Officer fills out the project plan template which will is sent to the Programs Officer on weekly basis.


From the time a school is chosen, the Country Officer begins reporting everything concerning the project. This includes meeting minutes, planning process, allocation of funding, planned school improvements etc... This reporting continues during implementation until the school can show the results of fund allocation. These reports are sent to the Programs Officer on a regular basis.


At the end of the project the Country Officer conducts an evaluation on the fund allocation, results, problems encountered, lessons-learned and makes recommendations for similar projects. This evaluation is sent to the Programs Officer who includes it in a report that is presented at the board meeting. This information is also included in the donor reports.