We work with schools in rural areas or city slums which are non-government owned and therefore have a hard time raising money to pay teachers, school supplies and other essentials needed to keep a school running. Our focus is on early childhood education like primary schools grades 1-4, where we can make the most developmental impact.

Our Team of "Country Officers" perform a needs assessment on each request, recommend the schools to be considered for funding and work with the schools to make sure that funding is allocated properly. At the end of each project the responsible "Country Officer" will perform an evaluation of the project including lessons-learned and recommendations for future fund allocations. 

Our Schools will be selected on a needs basis. The needs assessment conducted by the "Country Officer" helps us identify which schools to allocate funding. We welcome submissions from schools across Africa. Selected schools are given a corresponding project code. Each project is published and updated with a progress report. More details can be found in "Our Approach" section.